The Beauty of Technology


These days, I can't scroll through social media without seeing someone touting that some product they are offering is the best, the newest, the most innovative, the most effective, etc etc. I get it. It's exhausting, and if you're like me, you block out 99% of the noise and just focus on what you care about.

But as a self-proclaimed beauty junkie thanks to my years working in the beauty biz, when Beautycounter launched the Countermatch line, I knew it was truly the merging of beauty and technology. "Countermatch Regimen is the ultimate solution for advanced hydration and age prevention. Powered by Bio-Mimic Technology, the formulas adapt to your skin’s changing needs, boost radiance, and help prevent the first signs of aging." Are you wow'ed yet? Comment below and let me get some samples into your hands. 

angela amendola