Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle


The results are in. 2018 is officially the year of the #sidehustle. Just ask INC, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes…the list goes on. We are in the gig economy and the workplace is changing.

Wages are moving at a snail’s pace, cost of living is rising and don’t even get me started about the cost of our weekly Whole Foods bill (organic sh*t is expensive!). But there’s actually so much more that a side hustle can do for you beyond just provide an additional revenue stream (which I strongly believe everyone should have, especially women). This is a great article from Entrepreneur that outlines it well. A side hustle, so often, is a way to pursue something meaningful, a passion that can transition from hobby to hustle.

For me, my side hustle launched me on a path to total transformation - and not because eye cream changed my life (I mean, it did, but that’s another post ;). It opened my eyes to the possibilities of working for myself, building something I was passionate about and helping other women do the same. It provided me with an additional revenue stream that gave me the confidence to leave my full time gig (which I happened to love, for the most part, but it wasn’t MINE) and pursue the entrepreneur life. To spend more time with my children, live on my own terms and be a part of something I truly believe in. Curious about what a side hustle could do for you? I’d love to chat.

angela amendola