My Favorite Shopping Rewards Apps


I LOVE shopping. I know, I know, it’s wasteful and bad for the environment and frivolous. But shopping brings me joy. That’s why I love opportunities to actually EARN cash back when I shop. First of all, if you aren’t using a credit card with a solid cash back feature, go get yourself one now. (It’s so much more satisfying than points, in my opinion). But, aside from credit cards - there are so many amazing apps and integrations that help you save money while you shop. These are three of my favorites. What are your faves?


My favorite new shopping rewards app is Mavely. Have you heard of it yet? Probably not - because it’s super new. Mavely is a community rewarding you for shopping and sharing impactful products from a network of 100+ retail partners - mostly new and emerging brands. The best part? Invite others to join your circle of influence and grow your rewards. And when you shop, you earn 5% cash back. It’s so easy and I have loved supporting and discovering new brands on the Mavely platform. It’s free to join and easy to use - download the app here.

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

There’s nothing like making a necessary (aka boring) purchase (ahem, school uniforms) and then getting an email that you just earned $10 back. That happens every day with Rakuten. Just install the cash back button your browser and you’ll be automatically notified to apply your rewards when you visit a new site. It’s like magic! Download it here and get a $10 reward after you shop.


Honey is also a browser extension - this one automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. Rakuten applies coupons and promo codes as well, but I like having them both installed for extra savings. I can’t believe I actually used to take the time to google “XYZ brand and promo codes” - how last year. Honey takes about a second to install, and if you’re not using this for online shopping you are seriously missing out on savings! Join here and save.

angela amendola